I’m so excited to offer quick and easy e-courses to help you understand how toxins get in your home and what easy (and affordable!) things you can do about it! Realizing that doing a huge e-course on the entire home could feel overwhelming, I’ve broken this e-course up into individual rooms. You can pick which room you do first!

In this series, I go room by room in the house with eye-opening information on the biggest toxins we unknowingly have in our homes, as well as offering simple, practical tips along with recipes and product recommendations so you can replace them today with healthier options that won’t break the budget.

I started out the series with this free introduction video: Understanding How Toxins Get in Our Homes and What We Can Do About It. This lets you meet me, know a little bit about who I am and how I got into this world of healthy homes. I give you a glimpse into how so many toxins have gotten into our homes and why that’s such a big deal.

Once you’re ready to start, detoxing the bathroom and personal care products is one of my favorite topics because it has such a big impact on your health!

The skin is the largest organ in your body, and whatever you wash it with, or the lotion you use eventually will get into your system. Sometimes we’re unaware of how many toxins we’re putting on every day.

In this mini-course, I go through all the common personal care products (as well as other bathroom staples) and give you easy, simple steps so you can switch over to healthy products without it being overwhelming or breaking your budget. I’ve also researched and compiled a list of easy and effective recipes that work, recommended healthy products, and other trusted resources, to save you time in finding everything you need for a living home. You’ll finish this course feeling empowered to choose healthy products for yourself without being fearful or overwhelmed!

Enroll in this mini e-course for just $15 here!

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