10 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Have you ever wondered what a healthy lifestyle looks like for a child? Do you wonder what kind of foods to feed your kiddos? Do they need supplements? What about the toxins in my home that could affect them? There is a lot of information out there, and it most definitely feels a bit overwhelming trying to sift through it all. Here are 10 easy tips for creating a healthy lifestyle for your kids!

1. Feed a locally sourced, seasonal, organic diet.

There are a lot of chemicals on our conventional food nowadays. Switching to organic as much as possible is great! But taking it a step further and sourcing it locally is even better. Oftentimes, this looks like shopping at your local farmer’s market or becoming a part of a CSA – small farms sell boxes of seasonal produce to you each week that you come pick up or get delivered.

2. Invest in holistic health.

There are some amazing holistic tests you can do for your kids that will give you a really great idea of how their overall health is. It’s a bit of an investment upfront, but they can show you if your kids have parasites, good or bad bacteria imbalances in their gut and so much more. I highly recommend the Children’s Comprehensive Wellness Program with Neurogistics. It includes several tests (stool, urine, finger prick) as well as an intake assessment with their therapist and a 1 hour consultation to review your child’s results.

3. Get them outside!

Time outdoors is beneficial to children for many reasons. They get much needed natural vitamin d. They also get to be in nature. Lastly, they get to run off that energy in a healthy way!

4. Give them alone time.

We do a quiet time each day our kids aren’t in school. We start at 12-14 months old and our 11 year old still does it on weekends. This is alone time in their rooms (with no screens) to play with toys, draw, and be creative. You’ll be amazed at how recharging it is for them and how their creative juices kick in when they have some time alone.

5. Detox their bedrooms.

Work on getting harmful chemicals out of their rooms. I highly recommend investing in a good air filter. I like the Jr. filter by Austin Air Purifiers. Also, switch their polyester pillow to a natural down, cotton, wool, or real rubber one. If you have the money to make a larger investment change out their mattress to a 100% real rubber one by Mulligan’s Mattress in Portland. They run around $700-900 for a twin size.

6. Get rid of plastic.

You might not be able to get rid of all the plastic in your child’s life but get rid of as much as possible. Switch to stainless steel for water bottles, lunch containers, etc. Also, look into buying wood, stainless steel, cotton, or wool toys instead of plastic ones.

7. Cover up your carpet.

Carpet is one of the most toxic things in our homes. If you have newer carpet, cover up as much of it as you can with natural fiber rugs that do not have flame retardant on them. Wool, 100% cotton, and jute are often safe. Make it a priority to cover up carpet in areas your kid’s sit down and play.

8. Get a water filter.

Teaching your kids to love water is a big deal for their health, but you want to make sure they are drinking good water. I highly recommend Berkey Filters or AquaTru.

9. Learn more about raising emotionally healthy children.

My favorite books are Win+Win Family by myself and my husband, Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Connection Codes, any book by Tim Elmore, and How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk.

10. Invest some time in yourself and your marriage.

Emotionally healthy kids often come from emotionally healthy parents. Taking time to invest in yourself and your marriage will go a long way to creating a healthy, stable home for your children.

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